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Medication Reminders

Never miss another dose of medications again!

People who suffer from chronic illnesses are required to take medications to manage their illness. Taking these medications is an important part of their daily routine. Without these daily medications, these individuals become vulnerable to serious, and in some cases, life-threatening consequences. This is where A Gentle Touch Home Care, Inc. can help.

We offer a medication reminder service. Our caregivers will make sure that your loved one is taking their medications on time. Through our medication reminder service, we will keep our clients on track with their medication compliance and eliminate the possibility of missing a dose.

Our medication reminder services include:
caregiver giving medicine to an elderly woman

  • Ensuring that medication is taken at the right time and with the right dose.
  • Logging medication intake daily.
  • Coordinating with a pharmacist for prescription refills.
  • Keeping an updated list of medications.

Contact us at 1-901-308-2226 if you are interested to learn more about this service. For a home assessment of your needs, we encourage you to Set An Appointment at your convenience.