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Companion Care

When a person is dealing with an illness, injury, or old age it is important that someone is always by his/her side, ready to provide assistance when necessary. A Gentle Touch Home Care, Inc. deploys companions to your home to keep you company and offer assistance.

Some companion care services that you may receive from us may include, but are not limited to:
happy senior woman with friendly african american caregiver

  • Sitting and Companionship
  • Attend Religious Services
  • Attend Community Events
  • Visiting Family and Friends
  • Doctor’s and Other Appointments
  • 24-hour Live-In
  • Overnight Protective
  • Recreational Activities

We offer more than just companionship and assistance. With our gentle touch, we aim to help you recover and live comfortably under our care.

For queries and concerns about our care programs, please call 901-308-2226.